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TITANIC Image Gallery

This gallery shows a collection of TITANIC related images that I have. Some of these pictures can also be found throughout the other pages of the site, but I thought I'd put them here anyway, to make for easier viewing. There are also some pics here that you won't find anywhere else on the site.

Oh, and as always, you can rest your cursor on the thumbnails for information.

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The classic picture of the TITANIC's bow sticking out of the gantry at Harland & Wolff Shipyards. In retrospect, the TITANIC's stern sticking out of the gantry. A shot of the TITANIC's infamous tripple screw configuration in drydock. TITANIC nearing the completion of her outfitting. Loyal shipbuilders take a break to pose for this picture by one of her giant anchor chains. The TITANIC, just after sliding out of her gantry. A massive anchor is paraded through the streets of Belfast Ireland on it's way to Harland & Wolff. A line of boilers waiting to be installed in the workshop. Bruce Ismay & Lord Pirrie walking parallel to the ship's hull, awaiting her launch. Some workers on the quay; in the background you can see that the TITANIC has two of her funnels installed thus far. A gigantic funnel being escorted out of the workshop. TITANIC's launch. Workers loitering around the TITANIC's empty starboard wing propeller shaft. One end of a reciprocating engine in the workshop. A side view of a reciprocating engine. A watertight door.

Maiden/Last Voyage

Passengers walking aft along the port boatdeck. A computer generated image of the TITANIC's starboard stern section at night. This might not even be the TITANIC, it could be the Olympic.  If it is the TITANIC, this is probably her leaving Harland & Wolff. From James Cameron's 'Titanic'; this shows the stern section moving away from the quay in Southampton at the beginning of her voyage. Lifeboats. Out to sea.


From James Cameron's 'Titanic'; First Officer Murdoch spots the iceberg for himself. An artist's rendition of the collision. Deadly pack ice. A computer generated image showing the collision from below.


From James Cameron's 'Titanic'; a lifeboat being lowered. This picture could be a painting, computer generated, or from a movie.  It's an interesting view of the ship sinking as seen from the prow.  She's listing heavily to port. From James Cameron's 'Titanic'; a lightly filled lifeboat rowing away from the starboard side, with an excellent view of the foremost three funnels and the bridge just touching the water. A painting of the TITANIC sending up a white rocket. From James Cameron's 'Titanic'; lifeboats being lowered from the starboard side. From James Cameron's 'Titanic'; panic sets in on the boatdeck as the crew battles passengers from rushing the boats.

Carpathia to the Rescue

The Carpathia. One of TITANIC's empty lifeboats being hoisted aboard the Carpathia with a crane. Survivors on the deck. A collapsible lifeboat rowing towards the ship. A painting showing the Carpathia waiting among the ice for lifeboats to arrive.


An interesting graphic showing the two ships, methods, and search areas used by Dr Robert D Ballard to discover the TITANIC. Ballard, discoverer of the TITANIC, displays a wide grin while posing halfway out of a minisub. An artist's rendition of Jason Junior (the robotic device used to explore parts of the ship too dangerous for the minisub to explore) being guided down the front of the bow. The port prow being lit up by a camera's lights. The prow, covered in rusticles.

Crew & Important Figures

(I'm not certain, but I think..;) TOP ROW: Chief Officer Wilde, Second Officer Lightoller, Third Officer Pitman, Fourth Officer Boxhall, Sixth Officer Moody  BOTTOM ROW: Fifth Officer Lowe, Pursor McElroy, Captain Smith, & First Officer Murdoch. Captain Arthur Rostron; captain of the rescue ship, SS Carpathia. Captain Stanley Lord; captain of the ship which watched TITANIC's rockets go up and did nothing about them, SS Californian. Lookout Frederick Fleet; the first person to spot the iceberg. Bruce Joseph Ismay; president of White Star Line. Lord Pirrie; chairman of Harland & Wolff Shipyards. Jack Phillips; head wireless officer aboard the TITANIC. Thomas Andrews; chief designer of the TITANIC, and of Harland & Wolff Shipyards. Harold Bride; secondary wireless officer aboard the TITANIC Captain Edward James Smith aboard the Olympic on her maiden voyage.

RMS Olympic

The RMS Olympic. The above-the-waterline gash the HMS Hawke made when she accidentally rammed the Olympic. The Olympic, looking very proud. A painting of the Olympic disguised in her war paints.

HMHS Britannic

The Britannic, painted up as a hospital ship for WWI. The Britannic being guided into harbour by tugs. A painting of the Britannic as she rests today, on her starboard side at the bottom of the Aegean Sea.  You can see a huge shredded hole in her port bow hull.  As the ship sank, her bow was touching the bottom while half of her hull was sticking up out of the water.  The hole is believed to have been wrenched open while on the bottom as the ship listed to starboard. Britannic was originally intended to be called 'Gigantic'.  This is an advertisement made by White Star before the name change. Nurses posing on the promenade by the hospital beds. A captivating painting of HMHS Britannic!  Dare I say, she looks even more beautiful as a hospital ship than she ever would have as a transatlantic luxury liner.

Halifax: TITANIC's Closest City

The sweeping Fairview Cemetery; a tourist hotspot because of the 121 TITANIC victims burried here. A model of the TITANIC in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. A TITANIC deckchair.  Repaired somewhat, but nevertheless, the real thing! Rows of TITANIC graves. The infamous 'J Dawson' grave at the Fairview Cemetery.  For the last time, it's not 'Jack' from James Cameron's 'Titanic', it's John Dawson, a stoker. One of the largest stones at the Fairview Cemetery, this one erected by Bruce Ismay.

Other TITANIC Related Images

TITANIC survivor, Eva Hart. Infamous TITANIC survivor, Margaret 'Molly' Brown. A 'Titanic' logo. A computer generated White Star flag. A TITANIC advertisement put out by the White Star Line.