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The Hundereds of "ifs" That Could Have Saved the TITANIC
There were so many things that went wrong aboard the TITANIC, and maybe if only one of them hadn't happened, or had happened at a different time, she wouldn't have sank. Below you'll find only a small percentage of the many "ifs" out there that would have made a great difference in the tragedy.

If only the lookouts had binnoculers
If only she hadn't been in a near collision at the beginning of her voyage
If only the iceberg wasn't a "black" berg (an iceberg that flipped over)
If only Captain Smith had retired after the Olympic.
If only she was 1 foot longer, or 1 foot shorter
If only her watertight compartments went one deck higher
If only boiler room 5 hadn't been gashed open by the iceberg
If only the iceberg had been spotted 15 seconds later, or sooner
If only 1st Officer Murdoch hadn't been on the bridge that night
If only the stupid Californian had done something
If only the lifeboats were filled to maximum capacity
If only there were more lifeboats
If only she hadn't been steaming so quickley
If only the rockets she fired were a different colour
If only she hadn't been steaming directly into the iceberg's path
If only she was travelling just one more mile south
If only the all the iceberg warnings had made it to the bridge
If only the wireless set hadn't broken down earlier that day
If only the wireless operator aboard the Californian had left his set on a 1/2 hour longer
If only her maiden voyage hadn't been delayed so many days
If only her rudder was bigger
If only 1st Officer Murdoch hadn't gave the order FULL ASTERN when he saw the iceberg
If only the water was a few degrees warmer
If only she sank in daylight
If only she sank slower
If only 3rd Class hadn't been locked below
If only Captain Smith wasn't in shock
If only Ismay hadn't been aboard