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Numbers of the Lost & Saved
It's impossible to know the exact numbers of the lost and saved per status. This is because nobody really knew how many people were aboard the TITANIC. There were many cancelations, tickets bought, and switched crew assignments, taking place just hours before she set sail. Therefor it's impossible to know the exact numbers of anything having to do with people on the TITANIC. These numbers are the ones that I believe to be correct, so here they are.

First Class Passengers, Lost

118 Men
4 Women
1 Children

First Class Passengers, Saved

57 Men
139 Women
5 Children

Second Class Passengers, Lost

154 Men
15 Women
0 Children

Second Class Passengers, Saved

14 Men
79 Women
23 Children

Third Class Passengers, Lost

381 Men
89 Women
53 Children

Third Class Passengers, Saved

75 Men
76 Women
26 Children

Total Crew, Lost

674 Men
3 Women

Total Crew, Saved

189 Men
18 Women

Total Passengers & Crew, Lost

1327 Men
111 Women
54 Children

Total Passengers & Crew, Saved

335 Men
314 Women
54 Children

Total, Lost


Total, Saved