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Molly Brown

You've probably heard of Molly Brown. She was one of the many famous passengers aboard the TITANIC. But she wasn't always famous, not until her actions in lifeboat #6.

Though the person playing Molly Brown looks nothing like the real Molly Brown did, the movie A Night to Remember re-creates this scene excellently. I suggest watching it, if you'd like to see how it went.

Molly Brown was a first class passenger on the RMS TITANIC. When the ship was afloat, she was like anybody else in first class. But after she was pushed into a lifeboat, she was a completely different person.

In lifeboat #6, Quartermaster Hitchens (the officer in charge, and also the man at the wheel during the collision) ordered the passengers of his boat to wait where they were. All through the night he continuously told them that there was no hope, and no rescue ship was coming. But Molly Brown was not one to give up. She stood up and said, "Come on girls, lets row! It'll keep us warm."

"Madame!" The officer replied. "I am incharge of this boat, and what I say goes!"

Next a man pipes up, "Don't you know that you're speaking to a lady?"

"I know perfectly well to whom I'm speaking to, and I'm in command of this boat!"

Since the Quartermaster wasn't being very helpful, Molly began to take charge of lifeboat #6. She told them all to keep rowing to keep warm, and it worked. She had them changing rowing shifts, and by morning the rescue ship Carpathia could be seen.

Molly ordered them to row towards it, but the Quartermaster said, "No! That ship 's just here to pick up the dead bodies." But Molly knew better. She was sick and tired of this man putting down everyones spirits. Suddenly she stood up and threatened to throw him over board. His reply was nothing. They rowed toward the Carpathia, and were saved from the disaster, and Quartermaster Hitchens.

Years later, when Molly Brown was 60 she died of a sudden stroke. Years after her death, a theatrical producer decided to make a play titled "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" Where did he come up with this idea? Well, when Molly arrived in New York after the sinking, a reporter asked her how she had managed to survive the tragedy. Her reply was, "I am unsinkable!"