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Halifax & the TITANIC:
The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is located in Halifax right on the waterfront, across from the cafe where you can eat a "TITANIC Sub." Inside the museum you can find all kinds of historic martime stuff, from Queen Victoria's Royal Barge to the Cunard Shipping Line. The display that interested me most, as you probably guessed, was the TITANIC one. It's really neat. They have an actual deck chair, whole and split models, advertisements, deck chair re-creations that you can sit in, an actual piece of the grand staircase, and huge photographs covering the walls. It's definitely worth visiting if you ever go to Halifax.


Below are some pics that my family and I took while at the museum.

A sign thingy above the entrance of the museum Queen Victoria's Royal Barge A display showing the Cunard Shipping Line, White Star's biggest competitor A TITANIC model with a huge picture in the background. On the right you can see an advertisement An actual TITANIC deck chair, from the ship of dreams