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Halifax & the TITANIC:
The TITANIC Sub, and Cunard Street

The TITANIC Sub: Right across the street from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is a nameless cafe which serves TITANIC Subs. Thinking that the sandwich was in some way related to the TITANIC, I ordered one. However, when it came I was disapointed to find an overly normal looking sub in front of me. Even though it had 0% anything to do with the TITANIC, it was still a really good submarine. When we left to go to the cemetery, we joked that they called it a TITANIC Sub because it was cut in half!

Cunard Street: As we were on our way back to the Ramada where we were staying, the traffic was getting worse and worse. We had to speed across an intersection if we wanted to make it through, otherwise it would have been at least a 10 minute wait (I'm not exagerating). But just before my Dad (he was driving) sped through the intersection, my cousin noticed a sign that showed the name of the road we were on. "Hey," she said to no one in particular. "Look at the name of the street we're on." "Cunard Street!?" I yelled out. "Oh my god, I gotta get this on tape!" I had been holding the video camera, taping several points of interest on the way back to the hotel and this was one that I wasn't gonna miss! But then, just when I was about the push the record button my Dad sped off, his only chance of escaping the extreme traffic. The only memory I'll ever have of Cunard Street is a mental picture of that sign.

So whats the big deal with Cunard Street? Well, if you have any knowledge of the TITANIC, you should know that the Cunard Steamship Company was White Star's biggest rival. White Star built the Olympic, TITANIC, and Britannic in an attempt to get ahead of Cunard. Cunard Street is probably named after the Cunard Steamship Company.

This is actually the parking lot for the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The building on the left is the museum, and across the street is where you can eat a 'TITANIC Sub'
The red arrow is pointing to the cafe where you can eat a TITANIC Sub that has nothing to do with the TITANIC. The blue arrow is pointing to a sign on the wall saying The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.