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Below is everything that happened to the TITANIC, along with when it happened


Plans are made to build 3 huge luxury ships, Olympic, TITANIC, and Britannic

1908 to 1909

Construction of the Olympic, and TITANIC has begun in Belfast, Ireland


October 20th - The Olympic is launched


May 31st - The TITANIC's hull is launched
June - The Olympic's maiden Voyage


January - 16 regular lifeboats, and 4 collapsibles are fitted aboard TITANIC

March 31st - The outfitting of TITANIC is complete

April 10th, 9:30AM to 11:30AM - Passengers and crew in Southampton, board the ship

April 10th, 12:00PM - TITANIC casts off, begginning her maiden voyage

April 10th, 6:30PM - The TITANIC rides at anchor, in Cherbourg France

April 10th, 8:30PM - TITANIC leaves Cherbourg, headed for Queenstown Ireland

April 11th, 1:30PM - TITANIC leaves Queestown for New York

April 12th and 13th - She sails through calm, clear water

April 14th - 6 iceberg warnings are recieved throughout the day

April 14th, 11:40PM - She rams into a blackberg on her starboard bow, damaging her forward 5 watertight compartments

April 14th, 11:50PM - The water is 14 feet high in the ship's bow

April 15th, 12:00AM - Captain Smith is told that the ship can last a couple of hours, he gives orders to send out the call for distress

April 15th, 12:05AM - Orders are given to uncover the lifeboats, and to get the passengers, and crew on deck

April 15th, 12:25AM - Orders are given to start loading the lifeboats, also the Carpathia picks up the distress call and begins steaming to the rescue

April 15th, 12:45AM - The first lifeboat which can hold 65 people is lowered with only 28, and the first of 8 distress rockets is fired

Apil 15th,1:15AM - The tilt on deck grows steeper, as lifeboats are lowered more fully loaded

April 15th, 1:40AM - Passengers begin moving towards the stern, because most of the forward lifeboats have been lowered

April 15th, 2:05AM - The last lifeboat is lowered leaving behind 1500 people, as the deck grows extremely steep

April 15th, 2:17AM - The last radio call for help is sent, as her bow plunges under causing the forward funnel to colapse, and many people jump over board

April 15th, 2:18AM - The lights blink once and go out forever, as several survivors see the ship break in two between the 3rd and 4th funnels, and the entire bow goes under

April 15th 2:20AM - What's left of the stern settles for a moment before lifting out of the water at a 90 degree angle, and sinking below the surface

April 15th, 2:21AM to 3:29AM - 1500 people freeze in the icy waters

April 15th, 3:30AM - The Cappathia's rockets are sighted by the survivors in the lifeboats

April 15th, 4:10AM - The first lifeboat is picked up by the Carpathia

April 15th, 8:50AM - The Carpathia heads towards New York with 705 survivors

April 18th, 9:00PM - The Carpathia arrives in New York

April 19th to May 25th - An inquiry into the TITANIC disaster is conducted by the United States Senate

April 22nd to May 15th - Several ships are sent to the disaster site to recover a total of 328 bodies

May 2nd to July 3rd - The British Inquirly is conducted


April - As a result of the TITANIC disaster, an International Ice Patrol is created to guard the North Atlantic sea lanes


February - Britannic, TITANIC's sencond sister ship is launched, and is sank 2 years later during World War I


After 24 years of service, the Olympic is scrapped

The White Star Line merges with the Cunard Shipping Line


September 1st - A French-American scientific expedition led by Robert Ballard, discovers the TITANIC


July - Robert Ballard returns to the wreck of the TITANIC in a minisub, and photographs her