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The White Star Line built the TITANIC and many other vessels, but began losing money after the sinking of the TITANIC, and Britannic. They eventually merged with their biggest rival, Cunard, in 1935.

Hello! Welcome aboard Mikle's Grand Staircase of the TITANIC, a site all about the ship of dreams. I hope you will find whatever information you're looking for here, but if you don't, E-Mail me and ask whatever you'd like to know. I'll get back to you with an answer or reference ASAP. Please have a pleasent voyage:)

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1. The Fatal Collision (just started)
2. Controversy: The Salvation of TITANIC Artifacts

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Read about Molly Brown's bravery here. Molly Brown
At what time did certain things happen aboard TITANIC? Discover the answer here! TITANIC Time-Line
How many of what was aboard TITANIC? Find out by clicking here. Aboard TITANIC there was...
How many men, women, and children, of each class were saved and how many died? Find the answer here. Numbers of the Lost and Saved
TITANIC had two sister ships. Read about them here. Sisters
Ever wondered who was in what lifeboat? The answers just a click away! Lifeboat Lists
Ever wonder how they came up with the idea of the TITANIC? You won't be wondering after you read this! Birth of a Dream
Confused as to how the TITANIC's engines worked? So was I until I read an article about them. Read this for an explanation How TITANIC's Engines Worked

My Opinion

Eva Hart is my favourite TITANIC survivor. Read her sad, but short story here. Eva's Story
For my grade 7 speech, I chose the TITANIC as my topic. You can't hear it, but you can read it by clicking. My TITANIC Speech
I, along with many other people, believe that the president of the White Star Line was a selfish man. Find out why we think this by clicking here. Ismay.....Hmmmmm
Confused about how TITANIC's watertight compartments were supposed to make her unsinkable? So was I at first, but not anymore. Read this to find out how they worked. How TITANIC's Watertight Compartments Worked
One little if could have saved the TITANIC. Find out what I mean here. The Hundereds of "ifs"
Halifax, Nova Scotia is related to the TITANIC in many ways. When I went to Halifax in August of 1999 I visited 4 TITANIC related locations. Read about them here. Halifax & the TITANIC

Interactive TITANIC

A single image showing a horizontal cutaway view of the ship, as well as each of the TITANIC's 9 decks plus the boat deck, which wasn't considered to be one of her 9 decks. TITANIC Deckplans
A collection of TITANIC, and TITANIC related images. TITANIC Image Gallery

The Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Halifax Nova Scotia. 121 TITANIC victims were buried in this cemetary after their bodies were recovered by the Mackay-Bennett

This site is dedicated to the 2207 people that sailed aboard the RMS TITANIC in 1912.

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